Can I use a capture page that redirects to a paid offer?
Yes. Simple lead capture pages with a email follow up series work best and are recommended.

Where do the sign ups come from?
Ezsignups.com pushes thousands of advertisements across the internet everyday.  Those viewers interested in our advertisements are taken to a link page containing links to popular business opportunity programs. When a user clicks a link, they are directed to a corresponding site.  For instance, if someone clicks on a link for Program#1 through our system, they will be redirected to one of our customers sites that have purchased guaranteed signups. When a program link is clicked, they are directed to the customers site through a special script.  This script monitors the visitors progress through the site.  If the visitor decides to sign up for a program, our script will capture the information submitted, and place a copy of this information on our server.  This information is held as proof of delivery.

How long will it take to get my sign ups?
This depends on the type of sign ups ordered. Fast sign up campaigns are delivered within 1-7 days.
Rotator campaigns are delivered within 30 - 90 days.

Will the sign ups convert into sales or paid services?
This depends on your offer and follow up efforts. We can only guarantee the sign up, we have no control over user actions and make no guarantee of conversions.

Can I get a Refund if this doesn't work?
No, as per our site terms sign ups are a non-tangible product and there are No Refunds.

Can I pay using Paypal?
No. We do not use or support Paypal. If you need to pay another way besides credit card contact and we will see what we can do.

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